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The733 CLUB (est. 1985)

The 733 Club is situated at 372 Darling Street, Brantford Ontario, Canada. The club is owned an operated by members of the hourly workforce at Gates Canada all who are members of U.S.W.A. Local 733 (formerly U.R.W.)


In 1985 there was a vision by a group of hourly employees from Gates Canada, to purchase the then vacant Building Trades in Brantford. A non-profit corporation was set up whereby hourly employees at Gates were allowed to purchase one (1) share for the amount of $300.00. All employees were given this option, but if you decided not to purchase a share, you could not later buy one. When new employees are hired at Gates, they are also offered an opportunity to purchase a share. At future meetings of the club members, a draw was then held to pay back the members their original investment of $300.00 less one (1) dollar ($299.00). By 1998, all club members had been paid back their original investment and each member now held a share in the club for $1.00.  Under the corporation, no employee may own or purchase more than one (1) share.

The club itself has a bar located on the main floor with offices and an auditorium on the second. The bar is frequented regularily by its own members and retirees as well as members and retirees  from a number of other local unions from within our City.