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United Rubber Workers

 LOCAL 733 



May 9, 1964 was a proud day for all employees who had fought for years to form a Union to represent the employees at Gates. This was the historical day our Local received our Charter from the U.R.W. Many efforts had been made to organize Gates employees with many set backs. In 1958, 6 employees of Gates sat down to discuss the forming of a Union. As a result of these discussion, they contacted the Brantford and District Labour Council for assistance and were put in touch with the United rubber Workers Office.
An organizing committee was formed and commenced signing up members. In 1959, an application for certification was made to the Ontario Labour Relations Board. The application was later withdrawn due to insufficient signed cards. (it was felt that the poor response to signing membership cards was due to the Company introducing piece work)
A second campaign to organize Gates employees would also result in an application for certification. The Ontario Labour Relations Board ordered a vote at the plant. The vote was held on April 28, 1960 and the certification for a Union was defeated.
The third attempt to organize the Gates employees resulted in yet another vote ordered by the O.L.R.B. This vote ended in a tie, thus defeating the certification application. (The Company introduced profit sharing during this period.)

In 1963, the Organizing Committee started another campaign that ended in automatic certification being granted be the O.L.R.B. The certification date was February 18, 1964.